Tanhat Mining Co. Ltd. have acquired concessions of 10 active quarries located in Ranyah, Najran and Smakh - quarrying various types and colors of Saudi Granite classified as per its quality, namely:

Type of Saudi GranitesLocation
1Emerald Green(Blue Green)Ranyah
2University RedRanyah
3Golden LeafRanyah
4Najran Brown (Desert Brown)Najran
5Najran Red (Violetta Red)Najran
6Royal GraySamakh
7Sweet Gold Jamour
8Saudi BiancoRowaidah
9Sweet PinkRowaidah
10Salmon RedRowaidah

Tanhat Mining Co., Ltd. had acquired all these quarries with various ranges of beautiful colors in order to meet the needs of local and overseas market ensuring the client's satisfaction.

Presently, the company's quarry capacity to produce raw blocks is 30,000 m3 annually with the highest quality(Export Quality).