Tanhat Mining Company is one of the leading manufactures of Granite & Marble in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tanhat Mining also owns and operates numerous quarries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We offer a multiplicity of natural Granite products for use in commercial, residential and institutional projects.

Tanhat Mining was founded in the year 1990, and currently owns and operates one huge factory in the eastern area, 10 quarries in five locations around the Kingdom, and has more than 300 employees.

Tanhat Mining holding the concession of the several quarries of Saudi Granite in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We are well connected globally with the most important organizations working in the related field. Tanhat Mining is dealing with a lot of clients around the world mostly in United States, Europe & G.C.C countries. We are known as a major supplier of raw blocks of Granite and finished products as well.

Tanhat Mining has its factory with an annual production capacity of 360,000 m2 Granite other than its marble production.

Tanhat Mining Co is a quality manufacturer of Saudi Granite, ensuring color harmony with highest standard quality. Factory is equipped with the latest technology to produce complete range of finishes including Polished, Flamed, Bush Hammered & Honed in various thickness for the satisfaction of our clients.

In short Tanhat Mining is one of the reliable sources for the beauty of Saudi Granite & Marble. The Company is an irreplaceable source of Saudi Granite both in Saudi Arabia & around the world with its quality production.