THE FACTORY : The company's factory was designed to process its products of Saudi Granites and equipped with the latest model of machineries that is capable of large volume of production to supply mega-scale projects. Under its capacity, the factory production line undergoes the following stages:

  • Sawing of Raw Blocks
    The factory is equipped with 8 granite Gangsaws with a capacity to produce annually 360,000 m2 of any required thickness.
  • Surface Finishing
    Under this stage, the factory's facilities cover the whole process of polishing and honing surfaces, flaming, bush hammering, sand blasting and/or any combination.
  • Cutting
    The factory is equipped with cutting machines that can produce a annual output of 360,000 m2 ranging from standard size or cut to size tiles up to cutting most delicate and intricate ornamental detail.
  • Detailing
    Final stage of this production is equipped with specialized profiling machines capable to execute details as per required pattern from balusters to detailed circular columns.
    Finishing touches for edge polishing machine, drilling, chamfering and molded edges as designed for ornamental works are handled by our highly skilled laborers with years of experience in the field.